Müller Lacquer - The Lacquer & the procedure


For optimum lacquer processing, a new lacquering line had to be procured, combined with fresh air suction intake from outside, automatic air heating, double air filtration and slightly excess pressure of 0.5 bar in the spraying cabin. These technical pre-requisites make it possible to produce an almost dust-free lacquer finish.

Before the actual lacquering process, the instruments need to be degreased in order to achieve optimum lacquer binding. For decades, degreasing was carried out using chlorinated hydrocarbons, commonly known as TRI. From the processing point of view, TRI was excellently suitable for this purpose because it is volatile, dries easily and leaves no marks on the surface. But TRI was a severe burden on both employees and the environment. For this reason, we changed to an eco-friendly method using an aqueous cleaning system as early as in 1993.

Cleaning the instruments in the new line requires a lot of handling experience, which can only be accumulated gradually over time. The numerous hollow spaces and cropped parts, on tubas in particular, present major problems in terms of stain-free drying. The cleaning agent sticks to the instrument and, as opposed to the volatile TRI previously used, a lot of hard work is needed to remove it from the surface. This is done by immersion and spraying with demineralised water, applying compressed air and final drying in a partial vacuum at high temperature.

But the result of ultrasonic cleaning is fascinating! Even the tiniest particles in the most remote places are eliminated, the surface is cleaned "pore deep", so to speak.

But this thorough method also causes the finest polishing or smoothing marks from previous processing to become mercilessly visible. For our customers and us, this means taking even more care during surface treatment and using new sanding and polishing paste, cloth buffs, draw-lines etc.

With ultrasonic we take care of the finest dust particels (PDF-Download 2,14 MB)

Another feature of the MÜLLER service included in the lacquering price is a routine high-sheen polish of the large surfaces of every instrument with Red Rouge before it undergoes the actual ultrasonic degreasing and lacquering process. This pre-treatment gives a brightly shining, absolutely smooth surface with a perfect finish.

As a special service, MÜLLER also offers to carry out all smoothing and polishing work for customers who would like to do without this tiring "dirty work" or who do not have the necessary power tools. 


Historic review: The lacquering process in 1983:

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