Müller Lacquer - Application on sacral items


Under the motto "Living cell therapy for church candlesticks & co.", we clean and polish all church candlesticks and other sacral objects of any size made of brass, copper and bronze, subject them to eco-friendly ultrasonic treatment and give them a fine, invisible lacquer coating for a long-lasting, easy-care shine.

We treat altar candlesticks, chalices and monstrances. Even large-dimensioned candelabras are no problem providing they can be delivered in sections.

What they all have in common is: they no longer need to be laboriously cleaned - only dusted off. And as an added benefit, the ultrasonic treatment stops corrosion and thus lastingly preserves these valuable objects.

We have the following pdf documents available for download:

Living cell therapy for church candlesticks & co. (german language) (PDF 1,8 MB)

Examples of restoration work (german language) (PDF 1,99 MB)