Müller Lacquer - Application on musical intruments


All brass wind instruments and saxophones, including individual parts of such instruments, made of brass, copper, red brass, bronze and nickel silver, or the surfaces of which are nickel-plated or silver-plated, are accepted for treatment.

You can find examples for the different lacquers at our Facebook page.

The classical coating is CLEAR LACQUER, which is transparent and allows the materials to shine through naturally.


A further option is GOLD LACQUER, which "levels" the material's colours somewhat, making them appear darker and warmer.


COLOUR lacquer can also be provided on request. The colours available are RED, BLUE, TURQUOISE and BLACK. Tiny suspended particles create a kind of "metallic" effect - an extremely brilliant finish.


MAT lacquering is also trendy at the moment and has a covering and velvety effect in contrast to the other variants.


Immer häufiger verlangt der Kunde auch, eine patinierte, gebürstete oder Vintage-Optik zu konservieren. Kein Problem bei MÜLLER LACK.


All variants are based on the same epoxy resin lacquer and give identical brilliance and durability.