Müller Lacquer - Application on household items


Household items, antiques and silverware no longer need to be laboriously cleaned - only dusted off!

Everything made of nonferrous metal is in our line!
This includes, for example:

  • Kitchen appliances, pots and pans
  • Baking tins
  • Antiques
  • Handrails (banisters)
  • Lampshades
  • Buckets, bowls, watering cans
  • Just about anything, providing it is made of brass, copper, bronze, silver and silver-plated, nickel silver, red brass and tombac.

Examples of silverware coated with MÜLLER-LACK can be found here...

We do not treat: parts made of iron, steel, aluminium, tinplate, etc.



Infoflyer "No more need of
laboriously cleaning ..." 

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