About us - Leopold Müller GmbH


Leopold Mueller is a very well known traditional company relating to brass and woodwind instruments. Our activities include high skilled repairs and lacquer coating and the distribution of spare parts.


Short company history

Founded 1871 in Schönbach (at that time Austria-Hungary).

Manufacturing pitch pipes and tuning forks, music stands, harps and spare parts. Export to Europs and Overseas, around 100 employees.

After the Second World War moving to Bubenreuth, Bavaria.

Starting 1976 a new business domain  repair and lacquer coating and wholesaler of brass instruments for Cerveny, Amati, Stowasser and Belcanta in Germany.

Speciality: Lacquer coating of brass instruments with eco-friendly technology. CFC-free ultrasonic degreasing with a water-based cleaning system, a method promoted by the Federal Ministry of the Environment Berlin as eco-friendly. The result: Very well known and approved high quality standard with lacquer coating !